Critical Connections is an independent organization based in western Massachusetts committed to building resilient communities through dialogue, analysis, and outreach. Over the past decade, social, political and religious turmoil in the Muslim world, U.S. government involvement in and around Muslim-majority countries, and media coverage have dramatically increased misperceptions about Muslims and Islam among ordinary Americans. Critical Connections seeks to reverse this trend by promoting greater understanding of the Muslim world and by strengthening Muslim communities here in the U.S. and internationally.
What We Do

Building Connections
Addressing divides between American-Muslims and society at large. Read More

Strengthening Connections
Strengthening Muslim communities in the U.S. and internationally. Read More

Kids’ Connections
Engaging elementary school-age children in joint community service projects. Read More
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There Is Another Way: Reflections from Israeli and Palestinian Members of Combatants for Peace


Wednesday, October 7, 7pm

Hampshire College, Franklin Patterson Hall Amherst, MA

Fall 2015 line-up of events


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