Letter of Support from Jewish Community Leaders


In wake of the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Trump Administration's travel ban, several rabbis from across western MA wrote this moving letter of support to the Muslim community

Dear Friends,

Salaam Aleikum!

As a Jewish community, we wanted to convey our deep dismay over the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the travel ban affecting people from predominantly Muslim countries, while at the same time affirming the solidarity and deeply meaningful relationships we have built between our communities.  As Jews, many of our ancestors came to this country as refugees, and even several generations later, we carry this historical memory that informs our sense of justice in this current moment.  And beyond our particular set of experiences, we deplore the discrimination now given legal legitimacy as people who believe in fundamental dignity and the assurances of the US Constitution.

Ultimately, though, we believe in the power of relationships to create change in our society and to add untold richness to people’s lives.  In this vein, we are grateful for and proud of the opportunities for connection we have sought out in recent years.  The opportunities for dialogue through presentations and classes, shared celebrations, solidarity rallies, and the ongoing Shalom-Salaam sisterhood have created an enduring bond between our communities.  The recent interfaith Iftar and the Islamic Society and the celebration in the Fall hosted by the Hampshire Mosqueboth felt like family gatherings, and we were immensely honored to be invited and participate.

While dispiriting, perhaps this decision can be another opportunity to draw closer so as to set an example of mutual understanding and respect.  We are proud of the relationships we have built, and look forward to the ways in which we will work, learn, and celebrate together in the year ahead, standing with you in friendship and solidarity.

In a spirit of peace and love we send our warmest wishes for the health and well being of your entire communities.

B’shalom, In Peace and Friendship,

Rabbi Justin David, Congregation B’nai Israel , Northampton

Rabbi Riqi Kosovske, Beit Ahavah, Florence

Rabbi Benjamin Weiner, Jewish Community of Amherst

Rabbi Devorah Jacobson, Jewish Geriatric Services

Rabbi Amy Katz, Temple Beth El of Springfield 

Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener, Temple Israel of Greenfield

Rabbi Howard Kosovske, Interim Rabbi at Sinai Temple in Springfield

Rabbi Jeremy Master, Sinai Temple in Springfield